Laughing Through Life’s Messes – Weekly Feature

Each week you can expect a blog post about what it looks like to laugh through life’s messes. Sometimes I’ll write about literal messes, other times I’ll give you a glimpse into my personal messed up self. And we’ll laugh. Because what is funnier than public humiliation…ok, then, moving along…

I’ll try to keep other people’s messes out of the spotlight, but occasionally I could slip. At times my view might seem irreverant. My apologies, in advance.

If you’re the type who lives on the no-nonsense side 1) This might not be your site or 2) Remember, God had a sense of humor. He created the penis. Surely, He expects us to laugh.

On the other hand, I get it if my stuff is just not funny to you. In that case, please don’t feel obligated to laugh at all. It won’t be the first time I laughed alone.

But, it’s my sincerest hope that you, as a reader, will find something that inspires you to come back each week. Or, at the very least, you’ll be reminded to laugh at your own messes.