Simply Living

  1. Experience new foods and drinks; create food that nourishes your senses
  2. For every complaint, say five things for which you’re thankful
  3. Choose experiences over possessions
  4. Speak to mean people as if they’re being kind to you
  5. Sing aloud to the music in your car…or in your head
  6. Go to the beach or look into a starry sky and feel small as often as possible
  7. Grow as much food as you can or at least know your farmer
  8. Have at least one friend who brings out the crazy in you and makes you laugh till you cry
  9. Get rid of things that don’t give you pleasure or you don’t use

20150727_100745         10. Share something you love to do with a child



Cinnamon Cooney, Art Sherpa

imagesCinnamon Cooney offers high energy painting instruction for beginning painters. Watch theartsherpa on YouTube and paint along with her and you feel like you’ve gained a friend.  (A much quirkier, more colorful friend than I have in my offline social circles, for sure.)

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Social Anxiety Aside…let me introduce myself

This is how I spend my time: I attempt to teach myself to paint by using Youtube tutorials.  I organize my suburban home, embrace simplicity, and abhor clutter. I ride a roller coaster,  ranging from devoted foodie to telling my husband he’s eating cereal for dinner…yes, again.

There are blocks of time when I binge Netflix movies, fill  my Pinterest boards with lofty ideas that will never happen, and fall into sulky silences. But, generally,  you, my blog  reader will not be subjected to that. You are welcome. Continue reading