I’m Funnier In My Head

The kind of humor I like is the kind that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.

– William Davis

First, I don’t know who William Davis is. That may give you a hint at my intellect. Second, I do not care. No, not even enough to google his name.

The kind of humor I like is the kind that makes me laugh. The end.

– Jennie Todd, blogger wannabe

Therefore, until I figure out this whole humor writing thing, just know that everything I write is tongue-in-cheek. I’d like to get to the point where the stuff that I find funny in my head, translates through the words on my blog. (In other words, go  beyond adding the winky emoticons, but somehow communicate the “wink” in my writing.)

One of my favorite writers, Jen Lancaster, once said, “I’m a humor writer so I don’t always present myself in the best light.” Well, there you go. We have THAT in common.

Apparently my  post Be Kind To Your Elders…uh…self inadvertantly presented me in a bad light. As I was back pedaling and defending my respect for my mother in the comments, I’m thinking, “Wait? What? How did this even go here?”

I wasn’t trying to make that post funny, although when I was writing it, I was smiling to myself (again, funny in my head) and chuckling at how my mom at 92 has things “disappear” while trying to do things on the computer and now as I’m struggling with the tech stuff of Blogging 101, I can relate.

A few other readers took offense to a line that I wrote stating that maybe learning techology is age-related. (Did she just repond that she needed allies with that other reader to support her view?) Now I offended a whole group of readers of a certain age (of which I am a part).  Another told me not to be so hard on myself. (Not a problem. How did he read that in my words?)

Oh, my. Social media anxiety. For a good full minute. Then I turned to comedy.

Mike Birbiglia, make me laugh. Spent a few minutes before falling asleep, listening to one of his comedy routines on YouTube.  The next day I added his (“offensive”) quote to My Paint Splattered Life.

Just going to tag everything “humor,” not because it’s funny, but because I want people with a sense of humor to follow me.



10 thoughts on “I’m Funnier In My Head

  1. Love this! You are such a good writer! I also find that people who read my stuff take things the wrong way. Must be my sense of humour, or their lack of it!

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  2. Good luck with this! It’s a delicate line we tread: being ourselves and funny with it. I confess I may be a wee bit prickly because at 75 I am just starting to get to grips with all that age entails — my own reality and widespread perceptions.

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  3. I am SO with you. Years ago, a friend told me she hates the “LOL” that is everywhere. Fine. How about the inane “Ha ha ha” I have come to add. I dislike both. I also get really tired of the smilies people add to everything. Sadly, getting people to know that our intent is sarcasm or irony or just plain silliness is not easy. Too quick to take offense. Absolutely.

    At the risk of being offensive, I will share something I find hillarious (more to do with my own ineptitude with technology than anything age related – wink wink – LOL – haha – no offense!!).

    Thanks for the chuckles.

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    1. I am holding back my lol’s and ha ha ha’s so hard right now. (Maybe lots of these will help convey that – !!!!!!!!!) Also,I am crying…literal tears over the video! Great way to wake up this morning! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. When I watched it the first time, I had to pause because I was laugh/crying so much. One of my sisters asked if I was going to send it to our mom. I said, no… not because I was afraid she’d be offended, but because she might not be able to open it!


    2. Dear Jen, i think you are really smart and funny. Don’t change. Social media can be really snarky. I doubt Carol Burnett would have been a funny blogger, back in the day. Everybody has an opinion. Don’t listen to the negative ones. I love your blog.

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