Cinnamon Cooney, Art Sherpa

imagesCinnamon Cooney offers high energy painting instruction for beginning painters. Watch theartsherpa on YouTube and paint along with her and you feel like you’ve gained a friend.  (A much quirkier, more colorful friend than I have in my offline social circles, for sure.)

Subjects are varied, some appropriate for children, “little brushes,”  as well as adults, her “hartists.” Cooney has the perfect blend of professionalism and “no worries” attitude to keep tutorials fun, but still allow one to end up with something to hang after a one hour “Hart Party.”

The Art Sherpa is my number one pick for anyone who wants to give painting a try but doesn’t know where to begin.

Begin by choosing theartsherpa on Youtube ,  Cinnamon Cooney, hart party on Pinterest,  @artsherpa (Twitter) or hart party on Facebook. Then, buy the best acrylic paints you can afford, a canvas, a few brushes. She’ll guide you through the rest, step by step, stroke by stroke.


Ready to hang:)20150303_171408


6 thoughts on “Cinnamon Cooney, Art Sherpa

    1. Me too. She instantly makes me smile! I saw she referred to herself as a “radical joy enthusiast” and thought that was a pretty great description! Everyone should have one of those in their lives!


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