Social Anxiety Aside…let me introduce myself

This is how I spend my time: I attempt to teach myself to paint by using Youtube tutorials.  I organize my suburban home, embrace simplicity, and abhor clutter. I ride a roller coaster,  ranging from devoted foodie to telling my husband he’s eating cereal for dinner…yes, again.

There are blocks of time when I binge Netflix movies, fill  my Pinterest boards with lofty ideas that will never happen, and fall into sulky silences. But, generally,  you, my blog  reader will not be subjected to that. You are welcome.

For the sake of an intro, I have been married for 35 years and have two adult kids. And two granchildren. I have watched them for the last six years, while my daughter and son-in-law worked. Some might call it my job. An it will soon end.

Prior to the past six “baby” years,  I have been a published writer (when print was a thing),  and worked as an administrator. Without that income, (and other unforeseen blips in our flow of income) I’ve become adept at living on very little. Frugal living, pinching a penny, being cheap….whatever. I’ve gotten good at it. And only occasionally grumpy about it.

I realize I will need to get back in the workforce. That may mean writing for income, once again. Forgive me, for using you to get back on the horse, so to speak.

Maybe, with this blog, I can also inspire someone else to teach themselves to create a painting by introducing the best tutorials. Perhaps I’ll share tips which will help someone else banish clutter or debt. Or maybe, I can encourage someone else to shower attention on a child in their life and embrace their perfectly imperfect life.

I realize I haven’t completely defined why I’m here. But, for some reason, you cared enough to visit me. Hope I didn’t blow it and you come back! Really. I can do better.


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