Angela Anderson’s Painting Lesson

20151229_144546Artist Angela Anderson is photo bombing my newest acrylic painting. OK, more accurately,  her Youtube tutorial,  Red Oak Fall Landscape.

Despite my lack of the correct size canvas and hardly any of the suggested colors, I had the urge to use the supplies I had and give it a try. (Delayed gratification,  not a strong suit)

One of my first attempts at painting was Angela’s daisy tutorial. She had immediately put me at ease with her easy going, conversational style. Oddly enough, just as I started stressing out (it may have been 3 hours in, with all of my “pauses”) she literally stated, “At this point you may be stressing out. The best thing to do sometimes is to walk away…come back and look at it with fresh eyes…”

Creepy. I believe she also reminded me to get a drink of water at one point. And possibly suggested a pee break when I was too focused on painting to hear my bladder screaming for attention.

Then, just when I rationally convinced myself that Angela couldn’t read my thoughts during the painting struggle, she did it again. My painting looked awful. I mean, nothing like hers and much more like a four year old, or a monkey, had done it. Maybe even a four year old monkey. And at that moment, she explained that there’s a ugly stage in every painting.

Now, a warning if you’re planning to check out an Angela Anderson tutorial. While she starts with an artsy, everything goes attitude, she transforms into perfectionist, gotta just do one more thing….and one more thing…and one touch of red here…and goes on and on and on…in short is so much like my self-diagnosed OCD self, it’s scary.

But, I appreciated her intuition, trusted her guidance. And I did push through the four year old monkey stage and  kept going.

Full disclosure: I painted the daisy three times, varying colors, sizes, and types of canvas before painting one that I was happy to display. And, it’s one that truly makes me happy every time I see it.






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