Simple…Let’s try this again

Why do I feel like I’m breaking every Blogging 101 rule with this first line? OK, jumping in anyway…

Things to celebrate…I remembered my password and user name. (You will learn that this truly is something of a miracle, as you get to know me.) So, I find my site and apparently my last post was not a few months ago, but…wait, TWO YEARS? Really? 2013?

I’m not deterred, lucky for you. (You will also learn that I lean towards sarcasm.) I found the posts hidden in the archives so I could see how this used to be done. So, now I’m on my way to fulfill my blog-writing goal.

Do you also feel us bonding as I tell you my endearing persoanlity traits in such a non-egocentric way? I don’t even feel the need to add “winky face” or “haha” following that comment, since we now know me so well.

ūüėČ haha (for anyone not feeling it yet. Hang in there. You may not lol at ¬†me but maybe you can be my friend, and smile when you see my name, and stalk me…no, don’t stalk me. There’s no stalking…but best case scenerio, you might want to check in every once in a while. Very appropriate.)

Apparently, two years ago, my posts were all self-righteous about how I can live “Simply, By Design.” Let me tell you, it didn’t really work out that well. But, as they say,¬†New year. New start. ¬†(Yes, I am also annoyed with the people who say that and not necessarily feeling it but letting my actions go before my feelings here.)

Let’s be honest. I’m not without doubts. My concern is that my authentic life is not a page turner. ¬†(Scroll downer?) Don’t people with blogs usually have something to say? (I almost HAVE ¬†to do a little winky here, right? Because, I’m thinking the answer is probably “no” but I also don’t want to offend you, my new friend who most likely is into this blogging thing.)

Guess I could post about the movies I watch on Netflix except that I immediately forget everything about them about the time the ending credits scroll. Ditto, with e-books and news articles. I know this because as soon as I begin to recommend anything to anyone, I go into old people mode, something like this:

Me: Saw a great movie on Netflix.

Them:¬†Oh, yeah? (At this point, they’re still hopeful I can ¬†impart the information) Would I like it?

Me: You’d love it! It had….oh, what was his name? He was in….ugh…that show with the two guys we used to watch…they were funny…

Them: Ummmm. (This is generally¬†someone younger who is unsuccessfully trying not to roll their eyes.) ¬†So, you don’t know the name?

This launches a guessing game that goes on way too long, ending only after both parties are completely frustrated and ending with…

Me: You probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

Somehow I don’t think this is the way to go with the blog. (I am fairly certain I would feel the eye rolling, even though you aren’t directly in front of me.)

I am counting heavily on the tips from  Blogging 101 to find something of interest (that I can remember) so you, my new friend, and non-stalker, will come back to visit.

The only thing I’m certain of at this point, is ¬†that ¬†I’ll scratch the past’s “Simply, By Design” idea. ¬†Maybe just “Simple” would be more accurate. And, I mean that, not necessarily, in the nicest way.

Well, happy blogging to me, and happy reading to you. Thanks for showing up.






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