Pay It Forward, Finally

Got one of those Facebook posts that offers you a homemade gift, the only “catch” is you need to re-post and then “pay it forward” to five people by giving then gifts. Ms. Crafty noted that together we can make 2013 a Year of Giving. But, really, she had me at “be the first to respond.”

So, in the spirit of competition, I sent back a witty little remark about nobody wanting a clay ashtray from me, but if food counted, I was in.

I waited. I didn’t get a haha or smiley face, and in a split second I realized, “Oh, shit, I just committed.” But, then again it could be fun. So, I re-posted, making my change to the first three people to respond would get some type of homemade food item.

Apparently other people think before they respond to these kind of posts. Novel.

It took forever (maybe 3 minutes) and I got a “like.” A few minutes later, a “How far will you drive?” from a nephew in Chicago (I’m on the East Coast), then my son’s girlfriend, also in Chicago putting in her winky-faced bid.

Actually, this helped because then came, “I’m only three minutes away” from another fb friend and a “forget the food, but I’ll take a Long Island Tea.” Now the “like” jumped on the bandwagon, also soliciting drinks, banter, banter, banter,  and then another person, “I’d rather have you teach me to cook.” 

Not sure anyone was taking it too seriously, but by now, I really wanted to cook for these people!

25 posts later, ends up, I’m going to take dinner to two single guys who probably don’t get too many home cooked meals; a friend of my son and a guy I never really knew but went to high school with thirty years ago. (Hoping he’s just hungry, not creepy. If I show up missing, check there first).

Also, my daughter’s friend really DID want cooking lessons. As she said, “Give a girl a dish, she eats for a day. Teach her to cook a dish, she eats for life.” (Cleverly used, Leah.)

I’m excited to pass along a passion of mine and to hang out with her, drinking wine (the first lesson is you need to have a glass of wine in your hand for real cooking) and conjuring up something delectable together.

I’m not trying to make a dent in poverty or right all the wrongs in our world, but I can use something I love to make a few people in my circle happier. 

That’s living simply, by design. 



Yesterday, in a rare event that I actually took time to read the tag on my tea bag, it reminded me, “You must live for something higher, bigger and better than you.”



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