Simple Food Philosophy

Ever find a saying and say, “Hey, that’s me.”? Case in point, this morning I ran across  “The Mama & Baby Love Food Philosophy”. Much cooler in her fancy font with piles of fresh produce in the background, but anyway…here’s what she posted:

“Live by the 80/20 rule, do the best you can, don’t worry about perfection, make your food budget a priority, buy it with thought, cook it with care, buy local food, know your farmer, serve just enough, use what is left.”

Really, that’s my philosophy. Take out “Mama and Baby Love” and put in Jennie Todd because it’s spot on. Well, except I only know “my farmer” as “the Amish guy”. Need to work on that. And, the whole perfectionism thing is a work in progress. But the “cook it with care” I have down. Except when I don’t.

Anyway, for the most part, not only this food philosophy is so me, but most of my life I realize, I live simply, by design. 

And, that’s what this blog is about.



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